Add some extra personality to drinks and cupcakes for your upcoming celebration or party! Wrap these flags around skewers to make drink stirrers or around toothpicks to make cupcake flags. Not only is this a cheap DIY that you can easily create in no time at all, but you can use any picture that best fits theme of your party like I did for a recent Housewarming Party. If it’s for a holiday such as Halloween, use a festive image. If it’s someone’s birthday, use their head shot. If you’re watching a football game, use your team’s logo!  Continue reading for the steps on how you can add these whimsical touches to your event.

-Wooden Skewers or toothpicks (available at craft stores, cooking, or party supply stores)
-Avery white labels (I used template 5160, but you can find any size at office supply stores)

Step 1:  Copy picture or logo onto label template and resize so that two images fit on each label.
Step 2:  Print your label sheets.
Step 3:  Peel and fold each label onto skewer or toothpick.


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