So, the Super Bowl is this weekend and let’s just say I’m very excited! Yes, I should mostly be looking forward to seeing whether the 49ers or Ravens take it all, but let’s be honest, many of us are fans of being a fan. And, if it’s not your hometown team playing, it’s easy for some to spend a majority of the night watching commercials, the half-time show, or chatting in front of the buffet… (don’t worry, I’ll see you there, most likely with wing sauce stains on my shirt!) The main reason I’m counting down is because a group of Dave’s college friends have turned Super Bowl weekend into a tradition of getting together in new locations throughout the country. This year, we’re all meeting in Austin, TX!

Even though I won’t be cheering on my team at least we were able to root them on at the beginning of the playoffs when Jen & Charlie hosted Cincy Football Night in Brooklyn. Charlie and I were the only Bengals fans, but you can easily use these party ideas for your favorite team. Kickoff the Super Bowl by recreating your favorite hometown dish like our beloved chili theme for dinner, pop on your favorite team sweatshirt, set out a large display of beer and bourbon bubbly, place mini footballs around the house, cut up fake astro turf to use as coasters… any of these ideas will make your party into a touchdown! I’d love to hear what you’re doing for the game.

^Unless you’re from Cincy, you may not understand why this menu was almost as exciting as… well, Christmas. For those of you who have yet to try Skyline Chili, picture a thin/runny type chili that is sweet and delicious. If you love it, send me a note inviting yourself over to the Meyers’ anytime because you just became my new best friend.

^This box was a gift from my brother. He graciously ships me & D our Cincy favorites on dry ice so that we can enjoy it through the winter. See those two ice-cream pints? They lasted in our freezer a whopping 3 days…and it wasn’t because of D.

^A traditional Skyline 3-way spaghetti – great if you add a kick of hot sauce!


*1st image: She-n-He Photography for Camille Styles via Cooking Channel. Chili Bar image via Celebrations at Home.
All other images by Katie. 

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