Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing a few photos from the holiday series that I recently styled! Remember the Fall Harvest Dinner from a few weeks ago that many of you mentioned you were going to incorporate elements of into your Thanksgiving table? Well, this winter brunch is part two of the holiday collaboration that Quinn and I worked on together and I’m thinking it would make a perfect Christmas brunch for those that want to put a modern spin on a traditional holiday setup. Here’s how you can create your own rustic winter brunch at home…

The inspiration came from an “enchanted forest” so we used earthy elements to bring the rustic vision to life. Items that you have at home which fit into a natural theme can work!

We decided to keep the centerpiece simple and monochromatic by using babies breath. Not only is it easily be found at most markets, but the white hue is perfectly subtle and reminded us of winter snowflakes!

Try using different sized vintage mason jars and salt shakers for the tablescape arrangements. Along with the flowers, let yourself get creative by using glittery silver candles, pinecones, an antler, and evergreen for some texture. I added these mercury votives from West Elm into the mix and all of these elements together created a beautiful natural vibe!

We used interesting items and unexpected pops of color for fun elements of surprise on the table. These types of creative twists can double as conversation starters for your guests that don’t know each other. Or, if you prefer to go a more traditional route, you can easily tie a cinnamon stick onto each napkin.

As for the food, stay tuned over the next few days as I’ll share the tasty recipe for the egg cups so you can recreate them at home!

Sources: West Elm salad plates // West Elm mercury votives // Candles & pinecones Jamali Garden

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