So, what did you guys think about the Oscars? Personally, I fell that much more in love with Jennifer Lawrence during her adorably candid acceptance speech and as usual, Adele knocked it out of the park with Skyfall. For the show this year, I invited friends over to watch and even though staying up past midnight is well beyond my bedtime, it was worth it because the entire evening was a blast… including our nerdy poses on the “red carpet” which was worth every penny of the $10 purchase. I posted a few pictures of the party, but I was very lucky that my talented friend brought her cam to catch all the glam! We got some great snapshots of the festivities, food and delicious cocktails that I’ll share soon. In the meanwhile, for those of you who are looking to add another splashy libation to your go-to list, I have a delicious recipe for you! I made this pomegranate lime splash for our V-Day Bubbly Brunch and it was the hit of the party. It’s refreshing flavor is a perfect addition to any party year-round, especially during spring and the hot summer months. Let me know if you’ve recently tried any other tasty cocktails as I’m always searching for new recipes.



  • Pomegranate juice and seeds
  • Champagne or Prosecco (Zonin can easily be found at Trader Joe’s at a great price point)
  • 1 lime cut into slices


1. Fill each glass ¼ way with pomegranate juice
2. Top off glass with Prosecco
3. Insert toothpick into a slightly bent lime slice and rest on top of glass
4. Gently top lime slice with pomegranate seeds


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