Don’t you sometimes crave to host something other than your same ol’ same ol’ dinner parties? D and I have people over often, but sometimes I feel like it ends up being the same party each time. So, I decided it was time to shake things up! Fortunately, a lot of my friends have also been looking for excuses to step out of their “cooking comfort zone” so I decided there was no better excuse than to give our upcoming dinner party a festive twist: A Rockin’ Moroccan Bohemian Bash!

No one shared which dish they were bringing in advance (actually, I wondered if we’d have two of the same) but surprisingly, everyone brought something extremely unique and delicious! From start to finish, the evening turned into one of the most relaxing dinners we’ve ever hosted. I’ll share recipes here soon, but in the meanwhile, here are just a few personal tips on how I like to stay relaxed while hosting a dinner party. Please share if you have other ideas as well!

How to Feel Like a Guest During Your Own Dinner Party:

1.  Create a comfortable & laid-back vibe so everyone feels special the moment they arrive. Greet guests with a cocktail in hand and a huge smile to kick off the evening with a welcoming tone.

2.  Set aside a few minutes before guests arrive to light candles, pour yourself a drink, and set up the appetizers so you’re not worried about those details as everyone arrives.

3.  Leave the wine on the table! Passing the bottle around and refilling each others’ glasses is a surefire way to create a sense of “family” during the meal. Everyone will ditch feelings of formality, and settle into a relaxed mode so the most important aspects shine through: the laughter and warmth.


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