Hey guys! Last week I mentioned that I was planning D’s BD party and since then I’ve collected many new pieces of inspiration (and have spent way too many hours building new boards on Pinterest.) D’s family gets into town next Friday and we’ll kick off a whirlwind weekend of events, including two BD celebrations, in our apartment. I’m craving to give this party a rustic cozy vibe… you know, the candle wax dripping on the table type feel. My dilemma is this: our apartment has a pretty modern feel as compared to vintage-y so I’m trying to think of ways to bring natural elements inside to give the party a more eclectic feel. I live in Manhattan so it’s not like we can truly transport everyone to a cozy barn loaded with blankets and wooden plank dinner tables (although that would be pretty sweet!) but I’ve at least managed to round up items such as kraft paper, mason jars, and fresh herbs and also have my eye on a few new things to give the party an old-world feel. Frankly, D would be just as happy eating off a paper plate as long as everyone is together, but seeing it’s his BD and there are many reasons for our family to be celebrating, I figure why not give the evening an extra special feel. Here are a few things I’ve had my eye on and hope to incorporate into the party. If you have other items that would fit perfectly, I’m all ears!

*Image of pizza dinner via Camille Styles
1. Linen Napkins by Fishs Eddy / 2. Flatware by West Elm / 3. Dishes by Leif / 4. Carafe by Uncommon Goods / 5. Recycled Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods / 6. Wood Board by West Elm

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